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Originally Posted by flatpickle View Post
One strange thing I noticed when listening to this song again: the stereo imaging of the acoustic guitar at approximately 1:25 through 1:30 moves around (from left to right and then back to left). I hear the same thing again around 2:56 through 3:10.

I didn't notice it when listening on speakers, but when listening with headphones it really jumped out at me.
Interesting, I never automated panning of the guitar throughout the song!

Originally Posted by keyman_sam View Post
Overall a nice track...Nice guitar work. strings sounded fake. you could get better strings. Dont like the udu,tambourine/most percussion as much.I think it was poorly put together as a percussion bed. Maybe you could have added a steady shaker sound alone and some acoustic drums instead of all this percussion which ends up distracting me and taking away interest from the nice melody which deserves more attention than you give it.

Like the melody...its soothing. I think the song could have been much more dynamic had you kept the strings for the climax and left it with the guitar alone.

Overall a nice listen and thanks for sharing.

Now its your turn - find my thread and critique it.
The percussion is gonna be lower in the mix when I add the missing instruments! Also the strings are sounding just as intended, I never wanted the realistic orchestra sound for this one...

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