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I'm not that good on sampler stuff. I just want to use a sampler to play sounds. I've heard that the TX16Wx can play SFZ and SF2 files.
Usually i use SFZ+ for that purpose.
I've tried to play some sf2 files with the TX16Wx and had strange results.
Some sf2 seem to sound a lot better than with SFZ. (I don't understand why, but that's okay, no complaint )
But some just sound silly. E.G. Brass & Solo Sections.sf2 is played with a high amplitude vibrato. I've only loaded the file and didn't change any settings.
Where should i start? Read some manuals to figure out what the reason may be?
Or is there an easy way to just use this sampler as a SoundFont player?


First played is SFZ. Second TX16Wx. Same file.

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