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Originally Posted by Jeffsounds View Post
Good job! If you create any more, especially cool animated screens, please come here and post them for us!
I guess it will require more to hacking skill to do animated splash like the default reaper splash, bcs afaik for now the program only allows still image formats. let me know if i missed something here.

Originally Posted by azimuth View Post
Excellent job crimsonmerry, they look great. Just one thing I noticed though, Initializing (Initializing Tools)is misspelled.
ooohhhmyy, never noticed that before. Thanks azimuth!

Originally Posted by bluzkat View Post
Other than the fact you changed the name of Reaper, they look nice.

If you are not aware REAPER is actually an acronym...

Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording.

Yes i do aware of the acronym, thanks for the reminder
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