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Originally Posted by planetnine View Post
Still trying to read up on that console and all its options, Sean, but you can adjust the gain between REAPER master out and the hardware.

This might help with allowing for the fuller levels required when mastering.

How are you using it for mastering? -are you using the ins and outs for outboard effects and processes?

Hi Nathan

basically i have the stereo track sent out to the valve channel in Reaper with eq / comp & limiter

i press I/P daw which sends back to a stereo track in reaper & thats my master

Reapers mst buss has my vumt meter on it

The valve channel doesn't like the level though

perhaps i could not use reapers parent send for the outputs but then i can't use vst's

by the way im using zero outboard during the mastering id like to master ITB & sum somehow for now

Sorry it's abit basic
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