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Originally Posted by beingmf View Post
In the case of a sine wave > analogue meters I'm talking about RMS of course

EDIT: sorry, didn't read the "GSR meters are peak" bit. Doesn't matter with a sine wave anyway, does it...

For a sine wave the RMS (root-mean-square) is peak * 1/sqrt(2), but it is treated as equal to peak for audio measurement purposes by measurement standard AES-17.

I have to get that in, because in electrical engineering we do it the proper way but it's easier in audio to calibrate meters with a sine wave. My Fluke meter measures dBm RMS as peak -3dB, as AES-17 isn't used in real non-audio engineering. Sorry, I'm a pedantic git

Manley is going to try putting a -20dB gain on any hardware sends with mastered music, as a starting point to bring the levels down to nominal for his console. The digital returns on the GSR drop 0dBFSD≡21dBu levels directly into the signal path of his input channels, so for hot digital signals this is a bit unnerving if you're not used to it.

It's a very nice piece of kit, but it makes you use "proper" mix-levels with sensible headroom. A bit of a trial by fire for the uninitiated


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