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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Sounds like something definitely got messed up in the registry there. You skipping Komplete 5 installer might have something to do with it...
Sure enough, installing EP1.5 from Komplete5 did the trick.
It also overwrote my relatively current Surveillance Center with a vintage version, complete with broken switches and all that.
After reinstalling the current SC version all was fine and authorized perfectly again, including EP1.5 standalone and library in Kontakt.
Just like it ever was, only now the piano works.
Makes you wonder who has the most messed-up installers, NI or Steinberg.
Incidentally, both products themselves are amazingly good functionally ...
Not talking about Steinberg's UI trainwreck of course.

Re skipping Komplete 5 :
It seemed perfectly logical to do so back then.
Clean, chronological install to dedicated samples SSD.
I had to update a few older plugs from Komplete 4 to their final versions, using quick, small installers, everything else came with Komplete 6 anyway.
So why bother with that heavy, huge Komplete 5 DVD pack at all ?
And it worked fine, except for that piano.

Lol, you never stop learning, I guess.
Many thanks to all who contributed, I went into so much detail as there is no other thread anywhere actually presenting a solution to this problem yet, only loose ends. Maybe somebody might find it helpful in the future ...

A happy, healthy and successful new year to all of you,
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