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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Well, that doesn't apply for discontinued software. They discontinued support for Elektrik Piano ages ago, they're not required by any law to fix it or keep it up to date.
Completely untrue, the whole thrust of the change in law is that a product is a product, and no product should stop working just because a company no longer sells said product.
Like i said, OS aside that is, if they said it will only run in win98 and you are trying for something else, then this is actually a grey area that a couple of cases in progress right now are covering
Also they are required to fix any product that is sold that does work exactly as described when purchased and used in the supported way, if not, then they are required by law to actually give you the source or allow you to decompile and fix said software yourself and actually ask for recompense

there is a hell of a lot more to the law than most developers would have you believe hahaha, rather than actually support the law, a lot of developers are now changing their EULA fine print, so that you are basically renting the product, however again their is a current case that is inspecting this, because small print says rent and point of sales says buy this, it is a minefield right now.
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