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Human being with feelings
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Guitars, bass, vocals, and little synth works.
Not a shredder (i would like to...)

You can check my little yt channel here

My tastes are going to Rock, Metal, Prog but i try to discover other things too.
I do my best to listen to other collab fellows and their wantings, very hard on myself and my worst critics. The side effect of it is collab fellows have sometime to be patient, for example when i am searching the best vocals i can make, i often trash my own work until everything is ok for me.

I am opened to any collab, but i am short on time actually (until July 2015).
I mostly got involved on online collabs instead of real bands because it allows people to take time, but also to meet foreign musician and have a pleasant time working or chatting together 2 to 4 times a month, for example.

I am english and french speaking.

C ya !
"Meet new people.They usually know things you don't...just talkand share with them, be kind and open minded, learn, and be grateful."

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