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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Are you all on Macs? I am on win 10 and Win 8.1 and don`t seem to have this issue.
I'm on Win 7 64bit, REAPER 5.01

I've tried with a portable new installation and it works better.. the latest screenset is loaded when starting.
But still something wrong
I created one screenset without the mixer window,
and a second screenset with the mixer window open in a second monitor..
then I switch to the first screenset, where there is no mixer window(MCP) exit REAPER, open REAPER again and the first screenset is loaded but mixer window is displayed. I load the first screenshot again manually and the mixer window is closed as it should be.
I guess with more windows configurations and more using of screensets and different windows, the thing can become more complex.
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