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As a coding know nothing, just a user of reaper, sws stuff feels more complete than some scripts which try to do some complicated things.
I use a few scripts, and for non complex show all used cc s in midi great and I am super appreciative of them.

But when it comes to things that are more complicated ....quantization while respecting tempo changes for ex.....there always seems to be a "gotcha".
Sws feels native.
Please don't misunderstand, Reaper would be far less richer WO scripts and the skill and effort of the scripters,IMO, but when I read the future is scripts,with less new sws, I worry.

But I have yet to donate to Breeder, whose tempo additions especially have made my musical life much richer. I mean, just the ignore project tempo thing for midi items, is worth more than I can afford. And to Jeffos, whose Cc hihat thing basicly changed my edrum life! I know its js, but I had to mention it. I know your still working w sws and i thank you.

Personally, I think cockos should hire the whole lot of the sws team. But the quality of my business choices probably is the reason I can't send 100 dollar donations:-)
Again, no disrespect for the scripters....I appreciate the skill, time and effort it must take. Just feeling a little "sws land tumbleweed paranoid"
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