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Hello, I've always wished for a faster way to switch a track between different setups for audio input, MIDI input, recording, monitoring.

I would like to right click on a track and then instantly pick between some templates in the context menu:

(MIDI In), (In 1), (In 2), (In 1,2), (Default)

Each of these would apply a track template..

The MIDI In track template:
- Sets the input to my MIDI controller's MIDI input
- Enables input monitoring
- Enables automatic record arm when track selected

The In 1 track template:
- Set the input to channel 1 of my audio card.


The default template:
- Set the input to none, record off, input monitoring off, record: input.

If the MIDI input or audio card changes, I can just edit the templates and the context menu entries stay dynamic and abstracted.

It would be awesome.

But the problem is that when I load the templates using _S&M_APPLY_TRTEMPLATE1 .. 4, it deletes all the plugins on the channel, deletes stuff on the track, everything gets totally cleared.

So there's no way to "apply" a template, only to "replace the track with a template"

It seems a new set of actions are needed which only apply the track input configuration, record state, monitoring state, "record:" mode, etc.


These actions would not delete the plugins or items or other things on the tracks, just change the track setup.

The current 04 limit is too low. I need 01 .. 08 actions because I use templates for (1), (2), (1,2), (3,4), (MIDI 1), (MIDI 2), (Default).

I think many could benefit from these actions for switching between MIDI and audio input setups and it would help with faster use of Reaper because Reaper doesn't distinguish between track types like some other DAWS.
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