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Default newbie... help greatly appreciated!

this was from
REAPER User Guide
If you are new to REAPER, start here. The PDF User Guide is free to download here::
The REAPER User Guide Latest (20MB pdf)
Project File 1 of 2 for use with the Guide
Project File 2 of 2 for use with the Guide
(The two project files together make up the All Through the Night demo project referred to in the user guide)
You might also wish to consider purchasing a spiral bound hard copy (over 400 pages for less than $30):
Purchase a hard copy of this User Guide here
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1) couldn't find any .rpp file in sample 1 or sample 2
2) tried to open project from REAPER and the message I get is : "unable to open project: unknown extension!

will post in newbie section... thanks for your response anyhow
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