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OKAY! Now I know what you are doing wrong.

First off, the actual reaper guide (official and available in printed form) is on the front page of this very website.
That Reaper wiki is sort of unofficial. How did you get there?

The samples contained in those folders are .mp3 files for individual tracks and .repeak files for the same instruments, which you can easily forget about for the time being.
If you unzip the two folders, you will now be able to access the instrument files by clicking in the TCP zone - you will automatically insert a new blank track, then going to Insert/Media item menu.
Then navigate to where you put the contents of the two sample zips and you will see the instrument .mp3 files. Click on one and it will load into reaper. Assuming you set your Raper installation and your sound card/audio interface up correctly it should now play in Reaper.
Try it and see how you get on.
If that works OK just carry on loading the individual .mp3 files into reaper on separate tracks.

Again, get the actual proper manual and work through that. A better place to start learning Reaper if you are not that keen on manuals is Kenny Gioia's free tutorials on - great stuff, as are his paid ones on
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