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Originally Posted by Neenja View Post
Not only do they hold the plug tighter, they hold the wiring in them tighter in most cases and, as you say, they hold up a lot longer than cheaper ones (which stop holding the plug pretty fast). In theory, a better physical connection means the power transfers better. Does that mean that it sounds better? I can't say, but for the price of them, the risk to reward is way on the positive side.
Wow, they hold the wiring tighter? All those years as an electrician and I had no idea. I always thought that when I screwed a wire to the terminal it was I who determined how tight it was held. Or maybe you are talking about the crappy push inserts on the back? Personally I would rather buy a .60 plug than a $6 one and screw it on by hand. But that's just me. I crazy.

And all those years wasted leaning electronics and ohms law etc only to find that a new one called "power transfers better" exists. And here I thought that when "power doesn't transfer" it's called resistance which equals heat and fires in residential wiring. Had no idea.

I'm going to change all those fire hazards in my house today. Can't put the fam at risk. Should also be a great savings on the electric bill. I can't believe all the green organizations haven't picked up on this either. They should be telling everyone since it would make such a difference for our planet. All that wasted power. Must be some kind of conspiracy like the water powered engine we all know the oil industry has been hiding from us for years.

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