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Originally Posted by TonE View Post
Drag and drop of above seems not to work, would not .ReaperThemeZip be a better sharing option?
1) correct, drag and drop does not work.
2) unfortunately, no.
from the first post:
unzip the file twice.
copy the Solaris_[blue or gray]_v2 folder and the accompanying .ReaperTheme file to your Reaper ColorThemes folder.
The double zipping is due to file size limitations for Stash and the theme cannot be used in the .ReaperThemZip form due to what appears to be a folder depth issue.
using it in the normal ReaperThemeZip form makes many layouts and fader colors unavailable due to the nested folders.
Giving each layout it's own 1st level folder will increase the size to the point where it's too large to upload to the stash without breaking it into 2 parts.
it's extra work either way, but the current method seems more efficient to me.

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