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The problem starts to make some sense at a detailed level but without an obvious Reaper action or an OSC related "bullet" as the solution.

Might it not help to take a step back from the details and think at an abstracted design level about the design principles and the compromise(s) in user experience and implementation associated with them? Here are some suggestions
  • From the eyes and hands of the DAW user, is Reaper in charge of the hardware device or is the hardware device in charge of Reaper?
  • To achieve the desired usability how much "state" needs to be stored in the hardware device, in the control surface code, and in Reaper itself? The design goal should be to minimise state tracking since it is likely an undesirable source of code complexity, system errors, and user confusion.
  • How can or might the desired user functionality be done given the different behaviour inherent (or accidental) with the various .ReaperOSC "device follows" type options?
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