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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
There's no way to do so. Reaper never sends that information.
That answer forces the design principle then:

If Reaper does not and will not give sufficient feedback on track or bank selection via OSC on a change, or on a "refresh all control surfaces" action then the Novation and the OSC control surface will have to be in charge of, and keep a record of, the track & bank selection state.

Then just add to this decision the means of bringing back to a consistent state if the human changes things at the Reaper end or the imaginary state tracking information handshake goes wrong for another technical reason. Use the DAW operating human if needs as the simplest way to manually get back or keep in sync.

Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Since Reaper doesn't send current selected bank number to the device, it's not possible to simply multiply device track number by current bank number to reach the needed track.
If it can help, then in the MIDIMIX control surface when banking, an OSC string is sent for first track number in the bank when a "bank left" or a "bank right" occurs. This track number can be detected and calculated and used in the control surface code.

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