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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
I have a question about MIDIACTION and MIDILISTACTION. What is their purpose? Is it possible to use them in relative/absolute modes?
If I want to control "Adjust solo in front dim (MIDI CC/mousewheel only)" (action 987) with an encoder/pot via OSC, what command should I send to Reaper and what should be sent as an argument to this command?
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Is it possible for you to check those questions and answer in those threads or just here? Thanks in advance.
Answer provided for MIDIACTION and how to call action 987 in the thread

With regard to how to compose binary strings that are suitable for sending via SYSEX the key hints needed to the two key functions for accessing binary [byte] strings i.e. str_getchar() and str_setchar() were in Justin's original release post and advice that followed shortly afterwards. See again.

Using a suitable midi monitor is probably the best and sole debug means of seeing if the binary [byte] string has been constructed correctly and then output.

If one switches between midi monitor output and what is output by printf() then the understanding and learning may be more complicated 1. because of the internal representation of strings in EEL (that Justin has tried to explain) and 2. Because of the format translation that can be done in printf() on output. The output of the (hoped for) SYSEX binary [byte] string will likely different in the midi monitor and the printf().

If one uses other string functions on binary [byte] strings without developing a good understanding of the EEL internal data representation then, as found in the posts asking for help, the results may quite likely be unpredictable or not wanted.

One could use that midi monitor binary [byte] string output as a constant source of truth if one is trying to reverse engineer or visualise the internal representation of strings in EEL/OSCII-bot

Do keep trying using logical problem solving steps on simple example problems. Simple example problems are easier to learn and easier to explain or present on the forum when asking for help. And well done and thanks to Michael for helping too. Good luck.
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