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Default Impossible Smooth Playback with ProRes

Hi there,

I'm sorry for opening the nth thread about this, but I'm really going crazy with that issue and I've really tried anything written here and on the wiki.

Basically it seems impossible for me to make Reaper play smoothly any video file except low bitrate h264.

I'd need to work with ProRes files so here's the basic things I've done:

- changed container from .mov to .mkv: unsuccessful
- scaling from 2160 to 1080, but still: unsuccessful
- deleted the FFMPEG.dll, moved the latest ffmpeg shared into /plugins: unsuccessful
- substituted VLC with MPC-H: unsuccessful
- VLC setup to use openGL and/or DirectX (restarted after changin): unsuccessful

ProRes files are generate with FFMPEG itself (prores_ks 422 HQ)

My configuration is:
CPU: i9-9900K (liquid cooling)
RAM: 32gb 3000mhz
GPU: RTX2080
SSD: Samsung EVO

OS: Windows 10
SW: Reaper (latest)

Should I just give up and convert everything in low bitrate h264 to achieve a smooth playback in Reaper?


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