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Originally Posted by bjohn View Post
Can you play those files smoothly on your computer outside of Reaper, e.g., with Windows movie player or VLC media player?
Of course I can play my ProRes 422 HQ - 4K/60fps with both VLC (even if I have dropouts) and MPC-H (perfect) players:
I'm on an i9-9900k + RTX2080, I can play two instances of MPC-H simultaneosly with 4K/60fps ProRes, without any frame dropping,
that's why I'm sure the problem concern something inside of Reaper and VLC.

When using VLC I need to enable openGL in video settings, otherwise it doesn't play.

Originally Posted by bjohn View Post
I just tested and can play Prores HQ files smoothly in VLC media player on a Microsoft Surface tablet with integrated Intel graphics, but the same video does not appear in Reaper at all -- the audio plays, but when I open the video window it's black.
Same here: I can play the video in Reaper but it's like 1 frame every 4 seconds

In another post I read some users solved everything by changing ProRes container from .mov to .mkv using MKVtoolnix: I've tried both MKVtoolnix and FFMPEG to change the container but nothing solved my issue.

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