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Default STRING: For Dev and Pre Versions

Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
Hi Breeder,

No, localization is not the same as menu editing.
The latter one gives you a lot more freedom in placing menu items.
On the other hand: you can't change things in dialogs, tooltips and so on.

And no, I didn't know that a single menu can't have more than 1024 entries. But a single menu with that much entries would be very confusing anyway, wouldn't it?

Hi Mr. Data

Can you help me with that?

Translation: Brazilian Language

I need this String value below, with your HASHCHARACTER to translate it (appears in the Video Window)

Render timings: 0.00%, 0.00%, 0.00%, 0.00% (avg 0.00%)

I tried different combinations, but...

Example: F24F00CA7D9E2DDE=Render timings: %.2f%%, %.2f%%, %.2f%%, %.2f%% (avg %.2f%%)

Kind regards
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