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Originally Posted by Dafarkias View Post
I know I'm not the OP but I think I can possibly answer a question or two: Yes it does "destructive" editing so copy the item beforehand if that's an issue. Also, for me, v. 1.2 updates all changes immediately to Reapers visuals.

I used this script to assist in the bug testing of a "multi-track zero-cross" I'm currently working on and it was a great help. I even poked around at the code to see how the OP designed the script, and well, it's an impressive machine.

He uses an actual Lua 'write' function to update the actual audio file directly, instead of using the typical Reaper functions as a middle man.

Impressive stuff. I for one would like for development to continue on this particular script.
This does re-affirm that this sounds impressive.

Sorry for not catching up on the last few posts, but whats the status of downloading this and using it from now on with Reaper?

is it available? or is it an intended v6.0 release?
Reaper 6 needs Area Selection!
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