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Originally Posted by Destripador View Post
Conclusion: LUFS reading from SWS is failing for mono items. Even using "High precision mode"
thanks for the Reaper project and test files.
I've been looking into it and think both Youlean Loudness meter (YLM) and SWS loudness measurement are correct.

My explaination would be the following:
We agree that the difference between mono item and same content on stereo item (two identical channels) is 3 dB (edit: actually 3.1something dB I think, but doesn't matter here), as mentioned by mschnell right?

Now Reaper has no mono track channels, by default it sends always two channels to a plugin (afaik), there results the +3 dB in YLM.
If you disconnect one pin in the I/O routing (so you feed only one channel) you get the -8 dB.

Btw. I also tried with Orban Loudness meter (the only other offline Loudness meter I have) it also gives -8 with your mono testfile.

Does this make sense?

The only thing that would be good to implement a function that measures the mono item, such as stereo, say as dual mono
This would actually be possible I think as the library SWS is using for loudness measurement (libebur128) features a dual-mono mode.
Here's a similar topic:

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