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Originally Posted by MichaJo View Post
I've tried to play some sf2 files with the TX16Wx and had strange results.
Some sf2 seem to sound a lot better than with SFZ. (I don't understand why, but that's okay, no complaint )
But some just sound silly. E.G. Brass & Solo Sections.sf2 is played with a high amplitude vibrato. I've only loaded the file and didn't change any settings.
Where should i start? Read some manuals to figure out what the reason may be?
Or is there an easy way to just use this sampler as a SoundFont player?


Hello Michael (some years later)

I installed TX16Wx very recently, and something similar happens to me: sometimes I load an SF2, and it sounds weird, it sounds as if some effect had been applied to it, sounds ugly.
I made the comparison with Sforzando, and the same sound that sounds strange in TX16Wx, in Sforzando it sounds good.
Instead, other SF2 sounds good on TX16Wx.
And also, in all cases, the TX16Wx out volume level is very high. Every sf2 I load I have to decrease the volume, because it distorts, it doesn't seem normal.
Did you solve the problem?


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