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I so haven't had time to reply as I should to DrumReaplacer related questions lately, sorry about that.

Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
arranging these into manual dynamic groups would be cool somehow, maybe when more stuff is opened up to js

Being able to say "if trigger level is >x1<x2 then use random samples from this group for instance
It's not hard to do, but I really think the current implementation would sound better - what DrumReaplacer does now is that it compares the velocity of the incoming hit with those of the samples in the Sample source file and chooses the best matching one. If Force variation is used and the best matching sample was used recently, DrumReaplacer will choose the next best matching sample and so on.

Originally Posted by Alxi View Post
I'm new to reaper. How do you instal it ? All i see is code.
I really should make a better installation instruction - maybe the best thing to do is to write a generic JS plug in installation tutorial and put it in the Wiki? Thanks pipe for helping when I didn't have the time!

Originally Posted by TheArchitect View Post
Iam intrigued by this tool. I apologize if I missed it but will this utilize commercially available sample libraries like the Andy Johns or Steven Slate collections?
It can use any samples as long as they are in .wav format. If the libraries you are talking about are in .gog you'll have to convert the to .wav but then they'll work (I know a few DrumReaplacer users are sucessfully doing this, try opening a .gog as raw audio in for example Wavosaur). A Sample source file is just a wav file containg a bunch of samples with a few milliseconds (>50) of digital silence to separate the one sample from the other.

Originally Posted by Shan View Post
Ya, and on my wish list for this killer plug-in is to use multi mic'd samples that would get sent to your Overhead and Room channels etc. I have a lot of custom multi mic'd samples that consist of 12-16 tracks or so. It would be great to trigger these and have them sent to different audio or aux tracks. It would take this plug-in to a whole new level.

Excellent work and well done Jonas!

Yeah that would be cool, but for the moment a JS plug in can only use a few megabytes of memory so I don't think that's possible unless we get Justin and the other devs to up that limit. If that was done it would be fairly easy to output samples to diffrent tracks on one channel.

A workaround would be to make some sort of master plug-in that controls slave plug ins but that would be a lot of work...

- Jonas
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