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Originally Posted by recordonlocation View Post
First off, Thanks for an incredible plug in. I do live recordings, which is not good for getting quality drum sounds, and this is a life saver!

My only problem is that on my Mac whenever I open the project again, it won't play the correct samples and there is a huge latency issue. I have to go into edit and do a full reset/recompile for each sample and then reload every one and its settings. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, I cant output a master mix with these samples on the tracks. It has the same problem. The samples are late and they aren't the samples I programmed. I have to play it into my mixer and then record the mix back onto a separate track.

Any help???

I've recently switched to Mac myself so I hope I can help. What version of Reaper are you using? I had similar problems when I first installed Reaper Mac, but on more, and I think they might have been solved when I installed the version 3 pre-release. Could you try that? Regards, Jonas.
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