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Originally Posted by 404NotFound View Post
Would somebody be so kind as to provide an OMF file like this:

Please re-check in your host if the fade types really translate back into the original, I'm sure OMF handles only a small subset of fade types.
The panning pretty much looks like the one i send. Except i had overlapping fades like the ones in the screenshot you posted from my OMF. But the fades in my example where all the same.

I work in postproduction as well and the audiocapabilities of AVID are not very good. With this i would be able to get a timeline into Reaper and finish the audio there. I then could export it as a wav and import it into AVID. For my uses i wouldnt really need an OMF-export utility for Reaper, just the import would be suffice. I also could live with just one crossfade shape into Reaper. Usually thats the kind of stuff i want to tweak in a DAW anyway...

Oh, and this is really amazing that you got it this far!!!!!!!!!!!
I could use it pretty well this way so imagine when you get it all right.

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