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First import worked on an embedded OMF2 exported from Avid DV Xpress 4.6.

Six tracks, 5:38 in length, not all full of audio. Some videos that were extracted but not placed on the timeline.

I've already told you about the memory leak. It wasted exorbitant amounts of memory in this conversion, which amounted to 650-700 MB for a 161 MB OMF.


Ask user to specify target directory for creation of new project and copies of embedded files. Right now it extracts them where the OMF is, which further slows down the process.

Attach proper extensions to the filenames of the audio.

Let the user pick, which tracks get converted. The given track names are all that's needed. The users can make the decision based on information like that. Avid tracks are usually named A1...Ax for audio and V1...Vx for video tracks.

Pan Odd/Even tracks in the converted project. We should request that Reaper can build a stereo item from two mono items too. That'll further improve handling of OMF (and AAF) imports.
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