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Neil, I really have no clue to as why you get such strange results. I really suggest you package the whole project, reaper song, source samples etc and send to me so I can try to figure out what's happening.

Originally Posted by Dilithium View Post
Hi Calle,

Reaper vers 4.13 (tonight)

I followed your steps. Sorry, but there are still no samples present in the performance window (or any other window for that matter) when I restart Reaper and load up the project.

I have saved the performance off, however, so it appears in the VST Patches (.fxp) drop-down. It consists of several samples in one program, spread over two sample groups. But the following error still happens even with one group created.

If I just select the performance from the VST Patches drop-down, it loads into the window. Some with the root in the correct place, some without. After closer inspection, it seems that the Root keys are staying in the correct place for that sample, but some of the samples themselves are coming in wrong, mapped in the wrong order. They are taking up the correct number of keys, in relation to what _should_ be there.

Example: -

Sample A should go from C3 - E3 (5 semitones) Root key at C3
Sample B should go from F3 - B3 (7 semitones) Root key at F3

Sample B load's into Sample A's slot, covering C3 - E3 but Sample B's Root key still at F3


If, instead, I right-click > 'Clear Bank' in the Performance window and then right-click > Load Performance, it works as expected and all the samples have the correct root key. This is fine (for the moment) because this is the only bank I have.

So, it would seem that whatever info .txperf is storing correctly, when I load it in from scratch, Reaper's .fxp is not.

I hope this is helpful to your testing? :-)


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