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Depending on what plugins you are using 64bit can be great, luckily we have had the ability to run two entirely separate setups here, one 64 bit and one still running 32 bit.

Some guidelines that we have garnered from this experience

1 Only use 64 bit if your most used plugins are available in 64 bit (Bridging can work fine but you "WILL" get crashes no matter what anybody tells you, plus on big projects where there are lots of bridged plugins, the bridging CPU does build up quite heavily)

2 Quite a lot of 32 bit only plugins will crash Reapers bridge, so sort through your plugins and bomb test them before doing anything serious.

3 If you have 6 gig of RAM or below then XP 32 running 4 gig will out perform Win 7 64 running 6 gig (We have tested and confirmed this many times now, for some reason Win 7 64 is a bit of a RAM guzzler even with services switched off)

4 1 to 1 performance is nearly impossible to compare because the performance is so similar between 32 bit and 64 bit systems, that is unless you are using RAM heavy plugins (Samplers/Romplers/Convolution based effects like Nebula) so there is zero benefit outside using these types of plugins in moving to 64 bit.

64 bit is very obviously the future ahead of us, however there simply is no rush unless you need the extra RAM for the types of plugins mentioned, if you do then think about moving to 64, if you don't then don't be in a rush to move to 64
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