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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
Hi, Need to be used to the idea of each part being a component of a blend that will be your overall sound.

Typically the pickup can be low level compared to mic, acting to support the mic sound.

In my case pickup provides some low end and detail on finger picks that I don't get from the mic due to mic position and that I blocked my SoundHole to reduce boominess, which then left things bit thin on the mic, but clearer.

So I also eq reduce much of the mid range as not really helping my blend.
Also I can eq mic signal to remain a bit thin but balanced & pleasant overall.

Then blend to taste.

Also note that pickup tends to be less volume dynamic than mic signal, bit flat, so if you strum hard or change intensity the mic signal provides that information to the listener more.
Thanks a lot. It's helpful. I would have thought the opposite by respect to dynamics. Actually my guitar (breedlove) has a lot of dynamicS, I played it in arpeggio with nails, which makes even more dynamics. I did not choose an easy life... Maybe a Yamaha silent guitar would help (some day). Or using better strings than cheap Martin's, (which are ok for other uses, of course)
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