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Originally Posted by jerome_oneil View Post
How did you mic the amp? Did you close mic it, or did you record the room?
Hi Jerome, I hope I got you. I am not a native English speaker.

Here is a short sample of the best sound I got using an inexepensive mike (T-bone SC400) and DY. Tbone is a very sensitive cardioïde mike.
I ) put it very near the El-acguitar (no amp used), somewhere around the connexion of neck and body.
2)I plugged it too in my external soundcard. I think it's a good sound -well; I like it-but it catches the slightest noises : your sleeve rubbing the guitar, the creaking of your chair, etc;

And, for a Daw reaper project, I choose a set up not so sensitive to noise. So, let's call it my regular quality of recording ( less good but sustainable). There are some gleetches, because I tried to apply the above advices but I also added a bit of Melodyne. For recording an acoustic guitar piece, I think it's better to stay away from it ! SInce then, having spent so much time on this business, I started to listen to background guitar pieces I could hear on tv (ads; tv movies, etc..) and I think it's not so bad.
Intel(R) Je suis autiste des termes techniques, mais grâce à Reaper, j'ose maintenant regarder un mixeur dans les yeux.

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