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I had exactly the same thing happen with my BCR2000. Initially the USB port became unreliable and eventually stopped working altogether, though the MIDI ports still worked. Then one day it started acting erratically with random controller events getting sent even though I hadn't touched anything on the unit.

The problem is most likely to be the power supply. (this is what went wrong for me). You can replace this as a single unit but the fault is almost certainly the two main capacitors which smooth the output. These will probably exhibit some bulging on the top, but in any event they are very likely to have failed. Replacement units cost literally pennies, but you need to have the skill to repair the PSU. Any competent electronic tech will be able to do this - if you can find one in this day and age!. (in a bygone era, a TV serviceman was the guy).

Note; there are two clips holding the side cheeks on which require you to use a blunt knife to disengage them. They are easy to break, but the screws hold the cheeks on quite well without them, so brute force is quite OK. The nylon retaining screws which hold the PSU in are hard to find replacements for, so be careful with these. They are very soft. You will need to carefully dissolve the locking compound with a cotton bud and nail polish remover before attempting to unscrew them or you will just chew up the screw and you CANNOT replace them with metal screws, they isolate the dangerous PSU voltage from the chassis.

Anyway, my BCR is now back in perfect health. A lot of Behringer equipment from around the manufacture date of these units suffers from this problem. In fairness to Behringer this was a widespread issue across the whole electronic industry and lots of manufacturers were affected. Google for 'bad caps' to see more info.
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