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Originally Posted by Timothy Lawler View Post
Thanks, Tod. About playing with and without nails, I use artificial nails that are held on with a temporary adhesive. Takes about a minute to put them on and another to take them off when I'm done playing. I fabricate my own to fit my fingertips just right. Rico Stover came up with this idea a number of years ago and sells a product called Riconails, which is what I started with re temporary nails:
I love the sound and feel of no-nail technique but sometimes you just need to be louder.
Aah thanks, I kind of figured that, there were a few folks doing that way back in the 80s, at least I was told that, I never tried it.

I did try to keep mine at a certain length so I could use the finger part when I wanted, although it was difficult to be consistent.

Heh heh, I was always a little paranoid with the short nails on my left hand and the long ones on my right, I got kidded some.

EDIT: I was going to ask if you ever use your index finger nail for picking. I did that a lot.
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