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Originally Posted by Bobflip View Post
At the moment on WDL-OL Iíve only got it compiling on Windows so far, not got it right on OSX yet. I'm using the 2.3.0 AAX SDK.

These are the steps I took:


1. Went into AAX_SDK/Libs/AAXLibrary/WinBuild/vs2013, opened the AAXLibrary.sln project, allowed VS2017 to update files
2. Changed the AAXLibrary projects to 'treat warnings as errors' and set the /MT flag. You'll have to dig a little to find these settings but they're in there. /MT needs to be changed from /MD
3. Batch build all targets of AAXLibrary

At this point example AAX projects in WDL-OL compile. Not tested in Protools yet though!
Thanks for reply!

I have no issue with OSX.AAX working great on OSX but i can't compile on Windows.

I will follow your steps with my new plugin and let you know.

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