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Originally Posted by mviljamaa View Post
If there was something that I could do in the beginning of the audio file in order to inform the processing that "this is the audio start". But I can't seem to find anything.
You seem to assume that a track contains only a single audio file. However, it could easily contain two or more audio files, optionally with gaps between them, or the audio could be realtime e.g. from a virtual instrument or an audio input. Moreover, the host could be looping (part of) the track, possibly at a length that is not an integer multiple of your (or the host's) buffer size. So you see, there really is no "beginning" in realtime audio processing.

That being said, if the host happens to be REAPER, then perhaps you could query its API for info about the items on a track:

Anyway, if you really need to process a single audio file exactly from beginning to end, then why are you trying to do so in realtime in the first place? Why not simply read the file, process it, and write the output to another file?
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