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Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
Inserting new events in the wrong channel in the MIDI editor is an all-too-easy mistake to make, particularly after switching the active track. I have therefore uploaded three new scripts to ReaPack that will hopefully make it easier to set the appropriate MIDI channels for new events (and for track sends):

js_Option - Selecting single note or CC in active take sets channel for new events:

With this new option, the user can switch to the correct channel by simply clicking a note or CC of the new track. It is intended to be similar to the built-in action "Option: Drawing or selecting a note sets the new note length" (but for channel instead of note length).
Oh. My. Goodness. This is EXACTLY what my brain wants to have in Reaper but never could do it haha. THIS IS BRILLIANT. Selecting notes changes channel = GOLD. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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