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Originally Posted by mccrabney View Post
julian, are you the person who will finally implement an FR i've had for more than a year now, which is "select most recently recorded midi data?"

as in data recorded in the last take/overdub? this would really help for quantizing stuff laid down via drumpads/electronic drumset, and then subsequent overdubs.
I would love to help! If possible...

Unfortunately I am not very familiar with live MIDI recording and the workflow problems -- are there perhaps Feature Request discussion threads and GIFs somewhere that I can take a look at? (If not, I think we should open a separate Feature Request thread where the issue can be discussed in more detail.)

* As far as I know, MIDI recording can be set to create a new take or item for each loop -- would this setting solve your problem?

* Could you please elaborate on the part that quantizing plays in the problem?
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