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Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
js_MIDI Inspector:

This script opens a GUI that shows important information about the active MIDI take, selected notes, and selected CCs.

The script improves on REAPER's native Properties windows in several ways:
* The GUI is continuously updated and does not interfere with MIDI editing.
* If multiple events are selected, value ranges are shown.
* Note, CC and take information are all shown simultaneously.
* Note and CC positions can be displayed in any of REAPER's time formats.
* The GUI can be docked.

In addition, the script clearly shows the take's default insert channel, and allows the user to change the channel. This crucial setting is hidden in the default MIDI editor.

Click on any of the highlighted values to open a Properties window or a dropdown menu in which the values can be changed.

The default colors of the GUI can be customized in the script's USER AREA.

NOTE: This is a beta release, so please let me know if there are any bugs.
Julian the js_MIDI Inspector looks like a dream come true Wow. Amazing.
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