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Originally Posted by mccrabney View Post
cool. this dwarfs my Teensy project, which was to add 2 non-motorized sliders and a sonar sensor to my launchpad pro.

one slider sends pitchbend 0 => 8191 and the other sends pitchbend -8191 => 0 (hard stops are farrrr better than a center detent).

the sonar sensor is a Parallax PING i bought in 2007. it also outputs pitchbend, but on another channel and only because it's high resolution, because it gets converted into OSC in bidule and used for general FX learns.

For actual pitch bend you do indeed need that high resolution. I don't know what the actual (internal) resolution of plugin parameters is, this kind of info is never in the manual.

Originally Posted by mccrabney View Post
question - what osc library are you using with Teensy?

i started going this route on another project but balked at a Processing osc-receiver component that i had a harder time wrangling
I use the CNMAT library, this is part of the default Teensyduino install. In the code there's just this include:
#include <OSCBundle.h>
One of the nice things of the Reaper OSC interface is that you can address parameters by track/fx/parameter number:
/track/1/fx/1/fxparam/1/value		0.500
This will set the first parameter of the first plugin on the first track to 50% of it's range and it doesn't matter what track or plugin is selected (either in Reaper or the controller). It's like the inverse of the MIDI/OSC learn function, in this case the control is mapped the a certain parameter instead of a parameter being mapped to a MIDI/OSC control. Of course if tracks are inserted or deleted on has to update the numbers somehow, but nevertheless it offers some interesting possibilities. I connected an expression pedal to my test setup and added some code so that when the rotary encoder is pushed the selected parameter will be linked to the pedal. Works really well to quickly assign a pedal (or something else) to a parameter

Here's the updated
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