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Originally Posted by aeb2016 View Post
I'm finding it most difficult to search these fora. Probably I'm using the wrong keywords. I'm not a professional recording engineer. A lot of this stuff is baffling to me.

I was previously recording my voice with Garage Band and Audacity. I was having a lot of problems with clipping. These problems were of two sorts. The first was dynamic range. The second was high frequency clipping, which is particularly important to me as a soprano.

So I got what I think is a fairly decent mic (Audio-technica at2020) and recently downloaded Reaper on an evaluation basis.

I found that the recording is very nice when I am speaking, but when I sing there is still a lot of clipping/distortion. I thought the whole purpose of professional quality recording software was that I wouldn't have these limitations, that I could sing as loud or as high as I wanted, right into the mic, and I wouldn't get distortion.

I suppose there must be something I should adjust to fix this problem, but I don't know what. I tried searching both the documentation and this forum and did not find anything I could understand. I found something about bit depth, but no clue as to how to adjust it.
youre missing some of recording's fundamentals. step away from the mic or turn down its gain but what you really need is education, quick, before you have more problems. use logic more than youre using the internet id also suggest.
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