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Default 2- or more-dimensional video fx parameter control

I'm wondering if the video processor may be capable of allowing the user to control 2 linked video fx parameters at the same time (for example the x- and y offset) via some sort of virtual x/y-touch pad graphic. This would greatly facilitate adjustments like placing an overlay image or text at a desired location in a video. A third slider could take control of another parameter speeding up trying complex parameter combinations that take a considerable amount of time when adjusted separately (as is currently necessary).

Also, some video editors use key points to simplify complex parameter transitions. Users can define keyframes that have a desired combination of starting values for several fx parameters and the entire multi-parameter transitioning is then interpolated (user-definable: linear, fast start/end, Bézier) between following keypoints.

(Thankful for what we've already got ... )

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