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Originally Posted by Eliseat View Post
... But are you kind of "hochbegabt"? Your last posts all show a large amount of weird and complicated ideas and imaginations. Your "basic video-editing related questions" are so specific that I just stopped after the second point in your list. (Maybe I read tomorrow as I'm really tired today. )
thanks, Eliseat, for being the first individual on earth to notice that I'm "hochbegabt"

I really can't see anything "weird" or "complicated" in my ideas. This is actually fairly basic video (editing) stuff and has been part of other video editing software for decades. I'm happy with how Reaper is developing on the video side right now but there are still a few things that could make video editing much more efficient.

Vegas Video has been my preferred audio and video editor during the early 2000's (until switching to Reaper for audio multitracking and feeling absolutely "at home" for some strange reason ). Back then, most people watched videos on CRT screens that use interlacing technique to display video frames (Wikipedia article: Interlaced video).

Disrespecting proper interlacing settings when editing and rendering video resulted in unbearable flickering of moving objects on CRT displays. The same happened when a video item was not placed exactly on frame grid lines so it was essential to always pay attention to video object placement and appropriate interlacing settings. You had to be aware of these factors when editing video in those times, else your video came out as rubbish for the viewers.

Today, CRT screens are rarely used. TFT/LED screens can automatically adjust to the video's scanning method (interlaced or progressive). Flickering due to wrong video rendering will almost never happen today. But I'm not quite sure if about that - hence, my questions

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