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Originally Posted by leighhunt View Post
It might be worth checking which FOH / monitor desk they have for the show. On the off chance it is a digital desk with Dante protocol, easiest way would be via
I am not aware of any band that is using a digital desk around here. Most bands in my area are 'weekenders'.

The particular band in question for this project are a bunch of country music musos who's younger days are far behind them. The equipment they use in some cases is what they had when they first started all those years ago. They are all from the ark and technology scares the living shit out of them.

The PA is a scary combination of various PA AMP/Mixer combos and a FOH desk, which I cannot recall the name of - but it certainly wasn't any of the big names.

My plan was to run my own mics on what I could, so double-mic'ing in some cases, DI the keyboards and bass guitar (I have DI boxes that split the signal, so they can still get their feed). And for the vocal mics, I have some splitter boxes for that, although if I can take a feed from their setup then I will do so.

The more I think about it, the more the Zoom L20 is making sense. If I ever need to record additional channels, just add another L20. Plus it gives the flexibility of having a mixer should I ever require it. And as another member pointed out, the price point here in Australia is hard to go past, compared with other equipment suggested.

Most prices here in Australia, regardless of where you buy are on par with each other +/- $50-100 in most cases. Importing is no longer viable unless you can get it insanely cheap new from a dealer/re-seller. Import/customs taxes on anything over $1000 AUD have shot that to bits, and then there is GST (tax) (10%) as well.
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