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Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
Glad I could help!

A little tip:

If you format the strings like...
697B0EBA4AE65778=Marker %d: %s \t[%s]
950EA9FE58E06D07=Region %d: %s \t[%s - %s]
... the positions of markers and lengths of regions are separated from their names and shown as a chart. The '\t' in front of the '[' makes the menu items more readable imho.

Try it and decide yourself!

Hello, Data!
Thanks for the tip! I'll test it. "Tested and approved!"

Data, some time ago I suggested using 'Bold' for some words in the Preferences window Menu, to highlight them. They are below.

General, Project, Audio, Appearance, Editing Behavior, Media, Plug-ins, Control/OSC/web and External Editors.

What do you think?

Kind Regards,

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