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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
You didn't export your Reapack info from Reapack itself (from the Manage Repositories dialog, Import/Export, Export offline archive), and import it (from the same dialog) when you installed everything on the new computer. I've made that mistake too. It doesn't recognize the files you've copied over as files you've installed through Reapack itself. You can check this by opening Reapack and searching for your installed files. It won't show any.

Exporting your configuration through Reaper's dialog will save all scripts/plugins which are added via Reapack, but it doesn't save the info that Reapack generates to manage these scripts/plugins.

You can copy a file from the old computer to the new one. Look in the ReaPack folder in your Reaper resource directory: registry.db. Also in the folder above (the resource directory itself), the reapack.ini has the info about the repos.

If you've deleted the info on the old computer...well, you can add the info that Reapack needs to manage your plugins/scripts, one plugin/script at a time. Have your explorer window open in the directory so you can see the list of script/plugin files, and then in Reapack you'll search for and select those plugins/scripts and install them again. It'll overwrite the plugin/script files on your drive, then recognize they've been installed via Reapack.

I've started backing up my Reaper info differently because of this (and a few other system-specific things in Linux): I copy everything from the Reaper resource directory, and add it back when I start a fresh install of Reaper.
Turns out, "Manage Repositories -> Options -> Install new packages when synchronizing" was not ticked. DOH!
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