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Originally Posted by ferropop View Post

Starting with a fresh unsaved project, adding a .WAV file, adding Melodyne to that track, then Save with the "Copy all media to project directory"... is it possible that there's discrepancy between the new "copied" .wav source in the .RPP and the location Melodyne is expecting to find that same WAV?

...when you haven't saved yet, Reaper will put that .WAV file in the root/temp folder and that's where Melodyne is analyzing it. Upon Saving with Copy all Media to Project Directory, it's then physically copying that WAV file to a new location, and I'm wondering whether that's why Melodyne is freaking out and reanalyzing the file? Does it for some reason see it as a new sourcefile (because it's technically in a new location) and then resets the edits?

After moving my problem projects to a different folder, re-editing, cleaning up my directory to just what is used in that specific project, everything then stays BUT you’re right as soon as saving takes place in any other way, it’s totally screwed.

The way I know my project is going to fail is this:

As soon as my project opens - if the “ARA analysis” taskbar comes up - I know with certainty that my edits in melodyne will be gone when I open the plugin.
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