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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Not quite there yet (as Freex has just discovered)

Ended up having to spend far too much time on cross platform issues (we now have separate Win and Mac CreateZone Subs), but I'm pretty confident the FX.zon files can travel across the platforms and still be loaded and edited by the Configurator.

Currently working on getting the multi zone setup more user friendly. It really just writes the headers at the moment.

One question, will I cause problems if I put the ParentZone statement in the Parent Zone as well as the subZones?
What if you could decide the Header from the zone names at the bottom, So as well as all the possible GoZone Buttons, you have HEADER, so whatever Zone is marked as header gets the Header and Filename.

The way I see it, if you're in ReaEQ-2 you're not going to need a GoZone for -2 but you will for ReaEQ and ReaEQ-3.(abbreviated as an example)


Manage to create ReaEQ on a single row with 3 files, using bank LR as the GoZone buttons, so it apprears to scroll thru,
Freq on zone 1
Gain on zone 2
Q on Zone 3

again had to start at the end (zone 3)and work back.

NOW HOW CAN WE GET SHIFT, OPTION, CONTROL AND ALT added in there to round out the team. (I use the term We very loosely)

Also noticed if you take the first Zone name away you can't auto add the other names, but if you leave it in until you've added the other zone names it's fine.

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