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Features at a glance

REAPER menus reimagined
Menus are completely re-built from the ground up. Everything is sorted neatly and logically so you can easily find what you're looking for. Everything that has a shortcut is somewhere in the menus so you can quickly learn your way around. Action list is great - but less typing means more music making.

MIDI ripple editing
Edit rhythms and have everything shift accordingly when moving, deleting and changing lengths of notes through shortcuts and menu entries. To get the hang for the MIDI editing in REAPER ReWorked, right-click empty piano roll area and go to Editor options -> Numpad editing. Enabling both MIDI ripple editing and step input practically turns REAPER into a notation/tab editing tool similar to Guitar Pro or Sibelius.

Pre-arranged toolbars
Toolbars are populated with the most used functions both in MIDI Editor and Arrange. REAPER ReWorked also makes use of fabulous SWS Contextual Toolbars feature and comes with many pre-arranged toolbars. Just hover your mouse over various parts of REAPER and use Ctrl+Alt+A to show the toolbar for that context.

Mixer FX rack
Press F on your keyboard and a dedicated set of 5 tracks will appear in Mixer window - this is called Mixer FX rack and you can populate it with many useful FXs and then drag and drop all around your project. Once done, just press F again and move it out of the way.

Track visibility management
Every serious composer knows that one can't have too many tracks in the project. REAPER ReWorked has many built-in functions that allow you to quickly and seamlessly show only the tracks you want to see and hide the rest.

Multiple envelopes workflow
Sometimes you want to edit all of the envelopes at the same time. REAPER ReWorked comes with a dedicated set of actions that allow you to apply many common operations to all visible envelopes of all selected tracks.

Track selection follows focused FX
As soon as you select any track FX window and it becomes focused, track to which that FX belongs will automatically get selected. If you use automatic record arm on your tracks, this feature can make your life much easier. The option is enabled by default and can be turned on/off in Main toolbar or in various places in REAPER menus.

Built-in sequencer
We all know of the fabulous JS Megababy Sequencer. REAPER ReWorked allows you to quickly record into it by toggling the feature with Alt+R. Sequencer will get loaded automatically as soon as you start recording into a track and will record only when the feature is on. Once done you can either show pattern selector track and Ctrl-drag items from it to arrange your sequencer patterns or record pattern changes and use dedicated action to create single pattern items with images.

Keep Mixer out of the way
REAPER ReWorked comes with many utility options such as the ability to keep the Mixer window at the bottom at all times so you don't lose the overview of your floating FX and other windows. If you need to see the full Mixer, there is no need to disable the option - simply click the Mixer title bar two times and it will jump in front of all other windows. The option is enabled by default and can be turned on/off in Mixer master track context menu.

Default screensets
REAPER ReWorked comes with a built-in set of screensets (including the popular inspector layout configuration), that make sure all of the available windows are always neatly docked and out of the way while you're busy creating music.

Synchronized shortcuts
REAPER ReWorked makes sure all of the shortcuts are the same across the whole program. Press S in the Arrange to split the items or press it again in MIDI Editor to split notes.

Pre-installed content
REAPER ReWorked comes with many popular extensions and themes already installed and set up so you don't have to go hunting the forums for the stuff. Author of REAPER ReWorked has worked extensively on SWS Extension for years so you can be sure that everything is integrated properly.

Attention to detail
Many of built-in REAPER functions have been polished to perfection. Try double-clicking the track in the mixer window to switch it between normal and sidebar layouts. Do the same in TCP to collapse folder tracks. When switching timebase, REAPER ReWorked will make sure the content of your MIDI items stays put. MIDI input quantize will obey current grid setting, and so on and so forth...

Bunch of other stuff
REAPER ReWorked comes with over 800 custom written scripts that act as a power horse for the whole configuration. It would take many pages to list every possible feature available but since REAPER ReWorked has been made with simplicity in mind, you're invited to dive into menus and find what else it's capable of.

Premium content for our supporters
While REAPER ReWorked is free, it has taken a considerable amount of effort to put it all together. If you decide to support us, you will get an additional content as a sign of gratitude. Among that content are over 900 hand-made MIDI drum maps that should cover many popular instruments on the market today.

REAPER ReWorked: An elegant and self-sufficient all-around REAPER configuration
Other stuff

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