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Frequently Asked Questions - Part 1 (FAQ)

Originally Posted by rforssell View Post
In my environment I can't extract some files due to long file names.
I always try to make action names as verbose as possible and windows 10 has this new feature that enables using paths longer than 260 characters.

You can download registry files to enable or disable the feature here:
Win Long Paths - Turn On (Requires reboot).reg
Win Long Paths - Turn Off (Requires reboot).reg

And read more about it here:

Originally Posted by Someone64 View Post
I've been having a really good time with the changes. It's just a bit hard to get used to the right click menus that have more nested menus than before, making workflow slower sometimes.
When it comes to nested menus - this is my cure:
How to Change Menu Show Delay Time in Windows 10

You can get the registry files to quickly set this up here:
Set Menu Show Delay Time - Default
Set Menu Show Delay Time - Short
Set Menu Show Delay Time - Shorter

Originally Posted by matv View Post
And any example for MIDI ripple editing
You first need to enable it (Num5 or Alt+A or click this button in MIDI toolbar (image) and then use keyboard shortcuts to move the notes or drag the position of the notes (I couldn't do it for the rest of the mouse modifiers because REAPER doesn't allow ripple editing works with all keyboard shortcuts to move, change length, stretch notes etc...and only works for mouse when selecting and dragging notes to change their position).

It's best to right-click the empty piano roll area and go to Editor options -> Numpad editing and just play with it. I use it in tandem with step input mode (turned on by the button next to ripple edit button (image) or Ctrl+Num5 or Ctrl+-). Using both ripple edit and step input enabled practically turns REAPER MIDI Editor into a notation/tab editing tool similar to Guitar Pro or Sibelius.

Originally Posted by stemarsi View Post
First of all, I'm using a portable version, but I have a problem with the effects rack, that is the effects of my most used chain, but when I touch F to hide it and then recall the effects rack, all the effects are gone with F, where I'm wrong?
If you do any changes to FX Rack and want to save it permanently, select all of the tracks belonging to FX Rack, right-click those tracks and go to ‘Insert… -> Save track template…’. Then, navigate to this folder:

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\REAPER\ REAPER ReWorked - Global Data\internal_track_templates

Once there, overwrite the file ‘FX Rack.RTrackTemplate’. Note that REAPER ReWorked expects to find that exact file there so do not rename it or move it, otherwise FX Rack feature won’t be able to work properly.

Originally Posted by rst View Post
Feels that some stuff overlaps.
That's intentional. The rationale is that I take frequent breaks from music and I pretty much have to re-learn everything so I like to have everything available everywhere - from functions to shortcuts.

Originally Posted by Rangler View Post
I would like to try it on the side while still have my normal Reaper settings so I can try it out without messing with my configurations.

I used Housofwhitetie and didn't like it and went back to my normal routine. Can I do the same without lots of changes?
The route I recommend in the user guide is using the portable installation.

REAPER ReWorked has been in the works for years and it has all sorts of goodies that are connected with each other to create one complete whole. To separate them would be troublesome to say the least.

Just importing menus, keysets and scripts isn't enough. You would miss custom screensets which are tuned to work with 8 themes that come pre-installed and are also modified so they all preserve various layouts and their sizes when user switches between those themes. Also, REAPER ReWorked uses a few custom JS effects to run some stuff like BPM Calculator, Sequencer (and that sequencer also uses special MCP layouts that are the same for every of 8 pre-installed themes) etc... Then there are startup actions and SWS cycle actions that are needed to make stuff work. And a bunch of other stuff I probably forgot.

Originally Posted by Stirner View Post
I have a problem, that is explained here:

Keyboard input doesnt't work properly in some VSTi, especially Massive X, and people say it shouldn't be the case with standard Reaper. I installed Reworked und adjusted it a little (menues and added some MIDI controller shortcuts)

Are there some hidden settings, that can solve this problem.

I also noted that Ctrl-S shortcut - "Save all FX as chain" - in the FX window doesn't work. Is it disabled in Reworked?
Yes, some plugins can we wonky when it comes to keyboard input, but thankfully there's a solution for those. REAPER has an option to send all keyboard input to plug-in - it's per-plug-in option and can be set in FX chain window by selecting the desired plugins and then going to Menu->FX->Send all keyboard input to plug-in (image). You can also do it for each plug-in when it's floating by clicking the + button next to the preset selector (image).

Also note that REAPER has an option to determine the scope of the shortcut (so it either works when arrange/MIDI editor has the focus or in the whole program or in the whole program even when some edit field has the focus). But usage of these global shortcuts is rare in REAPER ReWorked (sort actions in the action list by shortcut to see which one are set as global - they have (g) or (g+) prefix)

When you're adding new shortcuts or editing existing one, you can edit it in Edit shortcut dialog (image).

Regarding Ctr+S and saving FX chains from FX windows - there's an option to enable those shortcuts in FX window itself. Go to Menu->Options->Ignore FX chain window shortcuts (send to main window) (image).

Originally Posted by Marcus2323 View Post
I want to go back to the regular Reaper looking window. How do you do this? There is no Uninstall instructions.

Thanks....looks nice but way too crowded for me.
Hide the top toolbar I guess? View->Top toolbar.

If you want to remove stuff from the main toolbar, you can also resize it to hide non-default icons (instead of removing them all together by right-clicking the empty space in main toolbar and selecting Customize toolbar...). You will need to resave window screensets thought (ctrl+alt+w) so it sticks (window screensets store the main toolbar length)

You can't really uninstall REAPER ReWorked - you can just install clean REAPER installation and start over without it. To "clean it up", I guess you could reset toolbars/menus to their defaults and do the same with shortcuts. Then you would resave windows screensets and I presume that would make it look and feel as vanilla REAPER, but with all the stuff included in case you want to reuse them.

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